Almost Done! We ARE Taking a Break This Summer

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This school year has flown by. We have changed course from our original plans with some things, and we have added in other completely unplanned things. This summer, we are taking a break. Last year we continued through the summer. This year, we are all ready to change course. My husband's busy time with his job is the summer. Because of that, we rarely plan big summer trips, but we are all looking forward to a weekend on the coast with his parents. 

My 10th grader completed Algebra II and is wrapping up Chemistry this week. My 8th grader has just one more test for General Science and has almost completed her grammar course. The things they do mostly independently are being completed. 

We are planning on stopping our typical daily school plans after this week, yet we will continue the fun things. My son was so excited to find out that we will be reviewing Moving Beyond the Page curriculum that includes a special science unit hand picked for him. Science is his favorite subject, so incorporating that with our summer plans will be enjoyed. He likes to cook as much as my girls do, and one of the books he will be learning with is Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Products You Can Build Yourself.

We planted our garden. It isn't huge, but it should provide more than enough for our family and to share. This morning on our way back from picking mulberries, we actually saw four squash blossoms! 

So what will we do this summer? Bible reading is one thing that won't stop. We have all been following the plan in Woman's Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year: A Life-Changing Journey Into the Heart of God (Amazon link) to read 3-4 chapters each day; by the end of the calendar year we will have read through the entire Bible again. Reviews are another thing that will continue. As a member of the TOS Schoolhouse review crew, a majority of our reviews are for curriculum. In those cases, we are still studying, but it is nice to have a choice in which reviews we accept. Often my children are also involved in those decisions. 

Some of our summer plans:

Canning and freezing fruits and vegetables
Swimming (we are hopeful that my husband can repair our swimming pool)
Reading and participating in our library's summer reading program
Visiting friends
Music (My 14 year old is learning how to play the harp and wants more time for that.)
Working with my parent's business (I'll share more about that as it develops.) 

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