One Rainy Friday Morning

We woke up to rain pounding on our roof. Fridays at our house are a bit more relaxed than other days, especially if my husband is off work. He had planed to catch up on some outside projects around the farm, but the rain kept him inside with us. My 14 year old followed through with her plans. She offered fresh baked baguettes to friends we plan to see tonight and pre-sold nine. Our house is now filled with the scent of freshly baked bread, and our yard is filled with water. 


  1. Looks like your kitchen was busy. I love fresh baked bread. I have been wanting to make some cinnamon rolls and garlic pretzels. It's a crumby day here and the snow is on it's way. My backyard is a big pond of water.

    1. Cinnamon rolls and garlic pretzels both sound delicious. Fresh baked bread makes the house smell homey.

  2. Replies
    1. I hope she continues to enjoy baking. She made more for us this weekend, and today we had sandwiches on her baguettes.


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