2014 Virtual Curriculum Fair ~ Playing with Words: the Language Arts

     The first installment of the 2014 Virtual Curriculum series is all about the Language Arts which includes phonics, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speech, literature, Latin and foreign language studies. We are easing back into our school year, and for our first week I've been reassessing just what is working for my kids with their language arts lessons. 

     My 10th grader has now completed her Abeka grammar lessons except for writing reports. In the past we have used IEW for writing lessons, and I'm planning to add those back into her report writing assignments. 

     Last fall, my 8th grader joined me in a review of Bridgeway English. It is a great resource which was a good fit from her. She is continuing with book 1 and planning to progress to book 2 which focuses on writing. She completed an essay for a DAR contest about the Revolutionary War period which ties into history studies, we are still waiting to hear the results of that contest. She is also continuing to memorize various grammar rules and lists as assigned. 

     My son who is currently in 4th grade is now using schoolhouseteachers.com for grammar. 

     Years ago we used Spelling Power, and I've adopted their techniques since then including skipping words already mastered. Each of my kids begins every month with a fresh spelling list page (blank paper) and then adds words to it throughout the month. Whether it is a misspelled word in a grocery list, a letter to a friend, or in their schoolwork, if they misspell it, it is added to their list to learn. In addition to that, we recently started using the spelling and vocabulary lists from schoolhouseteachers.com. Each week, we begin with a pretest using their list. Words they already know are skipped, and spelling and vocabulary words they get incorrect on the pretest are added to their list for the month. Daily activities are also provided on the website to help them learn the words on each list. As 4th, 8th, and 10th graders, my children are using the upper elementary, middle, and high school lists, which do have some of the same words.

Copy work:
     The youngest two do this either with dailies, Bible verses, or their Queens copy work books. My 10th grader is no longer doing copy work assignments, but she is learning calligraphy. My son also has copy work assignments with his MFW lessons. 

Foreign language: 
      We started the school year studying Greek word roots together, but that was one of the things that got completely dropped from our schedule. I may add it back, but not immediately. 

      My oldest daughter will continue her Latin studies using a stack of books that friends recommended. 

      My 8th grader is enjoying her French lessons from French Essentials and is continuing to teach her little brother as she learns. lt also incorporates history, geography, and other extras. 

     One of my goals for my 4th grader this school year was for him to learn cursive handwriting. Although he mastered formation of each letter, he is still working on speed with cursive words, and he alternates between cursive and print when writing. 

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  1. We liked the Bridgeway essay class that we reviewed last year also.

    1. I had no idea before trying it just how beneficial that one would be. We may end up using more of their resources in the future, too.

  2. My oldest has really benefited from Bridgeway English as well---that was something that I hadn't thought would "go over" well with him, but I've been pleasantly surprised.

    Thank you for sharing!


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