Rainy Afternoon in South Louisiana

     When my husband suggested, Middendorf's for lunch, both of our parents agreed to join us. The historic restaurant has been a family favorite for years. We were all happy to hear about their renovations and reopening after they flooded during hurricane Isaac.  

Hurricane Issac 

tree in Middendorf's

Middendorf's dugout boat

     We have just been reading about different types of boats used by early Americans (watch for my review of Notgrass's curriculum next month), and my dad shared more about the dugout boat. He said the crack in the middle is only from it drying out, when used in the water it would have been solid.

thin fried catfish 

     Though they are famous for their thin fried catfish, I followed my dad's advice and tried the broiled catfish. Delicious!


     Usually, after we finish eating Joseph takes off his shoes and plays in the sand outside. Not today.

     We took the scenic route home, look at my post tomorrow to see the wildlife we saw in the swamp.
door handle!

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