Louisiana Rainy Afternoon-- Driving Swamp Tour

     When we left the restaurant yesterday, my Dad skipped the interstate and instead drove us on a back roads swamp tour. 

     These flowers were so pretty from the road. He pulled over to give us a closer look, and I realized that were the same flowers blooming beside my arbor at home. 

     Daddy made sure we noticed the cattails. 

     The next place he pulled over just because it was a pretty view, and we got an unexpected surprise. Can you spot it?



  1. Hi Jennifer! So nice to meet you, and it was so great to see you on my blog.

    Your pictures are so beautiful..did it rain at one point? It looks like water droplets were on the water at one point. Isn't it wonderful how the more you look, the more you see?

    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Happy Sunday,

    1. Thanks, Ceil, yes, it rained on and off that whole day and is raining here now. You have to always be prepared for rain here. I look forward to reading more of your encouraging blog. :)

  2. Was that an alligator??? Love the pics! Nice to slow down and "take the country roads" and see all the sights the Lord has provided.

    1. Yes! The first splash was right out the car window, then it swam away from us. My mom was braver than I was, she actually got out of the car and got closer pictures with her iPhone.

  3. An alligator - WOW! The photos are amazing!


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