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The following is a review of Kid Coder completed for Homeschool Programming through the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew. 

     There are things as a homeschool mom that I want my children to be able to do better than I can. Chemistry is one. Heather likes it, and that makes me more happy than you might imagine. As "digital natives" my three children have been exposed to more technology in their lives than I was even through college. I hope they are more comfortable with the computer lingo that still baffles me at times. Enter KidCoder Visual Basic Series

     Kid Coder is written for students in 6th-12th grades. My oldest daughter started using this program, but I will likely have the other two use it as well. Specs are listed on the website to help you determine if your own operating system is adequate to run their program.

     My daughter shared about her experiences learning with Homeschool Programming's Kid Coder Visual Basic Series:
     I like the videos that come with the program. Each chapter is split into a few lessons, and there is a video for each lesson. The first lesson in chapter was about the history of the computer. The video lessons include much of the same information that you would get it you just read student textbook. It is only optional to watch the lessons, but the text said not to watch the lessons instead of reading the textbook. 

     I like that you don't have to let the videos load, and they aren't slow. (This is a big deal, so many other things we have tried lately have been difficult with our currently maxed out internet speed.) 
     The textbook and videos are full of pictures to show what certain things looked like, and to help guide you through certain steps you need to take.
     The first chapter tells you the history of the computer, and main parts. Then it show how to download any free, third party programs that you will need on your computer. There are only one or two extra programs that you need to download to be able to use kid coder, but it doesn't take too long. Plus, kid coder provides step by step instructions for how to download the extra programs. 
     By the time you get to the second chapter of the student textbook, you are already starting to set up your own program, on your own computer. 
      I like all of the additional tips included in the course, such as what to do if your work disappears. There are steps and pictures to walk you through many things that could go wrong. 
      There are fourteen chapters in the student textbook, with 3-5 short, concise lessons per chapter; and there is a chapter review and "your turn" section in each chapter. In the "your Turn" section, you get to try out different things based on what you just learned in that chapter. 
    So you see, even a child with a not so techie mom for a teacher can work through this program and understand as they go. Who knows, I may even try it for myself. Kid Coder is available in the 2 semester pack which we reviewed for $145.00 including videos or $120.00 for just the courses, or you may opt to purchase one semester at a time. 

     The first semester which my daughter attempted includes Windows Programming. Students learn how to build fundamental programming skills. The second semester is Game Programming, and they will actually learn how to write computer games! 

     Homeschool Programming offers several different programs for students interested in technology, and other crew members reviewed different ones so be sure to click to read more reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. 


Disclaimer: A download version of this program was provided for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions I have shared here are my own or that of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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