Favorite Things This Week

     Organizing my house is one of my goals. Lately I've been making significant progress, but the process done my way also involves a significant mess. I'm thankful that my husband who was the first to point out to me that I clean by moving piles understands and walks around the piles without complaining. He also heard me mention a picture I found and wanted hung, and the next morning when I continued working on "my office" it was hanging on the wall. The end result is making the process worth it. This is "my office" so far:

         My girls made me this lovely cake, inspired by an idea that they found on Pinterest. It tasted great, too. 

     My son has been having so much fun flying this RC helicopter. Even Powpow smiled watching him.

     The Rose of Sharon finally bloomed! And after one day of constant rain:

     We went to Avery Island last Friday and my daughter and I got lost on a walk in the woods yesterday. Both were wonderful adventures (though I could have done without the bug bites yesterday!) and I'll be sharing more about both, including the pictures we took.

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  1. I sometimes think I make more of a mess organizing than the mess that needs organizing! There is something to be said for the feeling of "I conquered it!" when you're done.


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