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Pretty Place in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Pretty Place in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Do you know which state has beautiful mountains, cool swamps, and gorgeous beaches?


I am from South Carolina, and I want to introduce my state to you. As one of the original 13 colonies, South Carolina has a rich and intriguing history, as well as, beautiful places to visit.

The state has three sections: The Upstate, The Midlands, and the Low Country. In The Upstate you will find places like Greenville, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Stumphouse tunnel. There are many lakes and rivers in the Midland section where the state capital is situated. Throughout the Low Country you can find historical places such as Charleston, Fort Sumter, and the Frances Marion National Forest. (Ever heard of the Swamp Fox?) And of course, the beaches of Charleston all the way north to Myrtle Beach are great places to surf and go deep sea fishing.

The Battery in Charleston, SC
South Carolina started out as a colony of England. Named after King Charles, the colony eventually split into North and South Carolina. Charles Town (Charleston) became a thriving port city as rice and indigo were traded. Small farms were settling to the west and pushed the Cherokee Indians out of the territory. Plantations were built and slavery was an integral part to the success of those crops. By the time of the American Revolution, South Carolina was one of the richest colonies. Most people don't realize that more battles were fought in South Carolina than in any other state during the Revolution.

Stumphouse Tunnel
Stumphouse Tunnel

South Carolina was the 8th state to join the Union and the state prospered as cotton became king. By the time of The War Between the States, there were more slaves in the state of South Carolina than there were European colonists. There was a growing tension between the South Carolina state government and the Federal government. Many of the state leaders believed that the tariff policies of the Federal government were taking away the rights of the states. This brought about the Theory of Nullification which meant that any state could reject a federal law if it thought it went against the rights of the state. This was the underlying reason why South Carolina succeeded from the Union when Abraham Lincoln became President. South Carolina was also upset over the conditions of free trade and the abolitionist movement. And when Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter, the Civil War began.

The marshlands of the Low Country.
The marshlands of the Low Country
 The Civil War and the years afterwards were devastating to South Carolina. And Sherman's March, which burned many plantations and most of the Capital, was the final blow. South Carolina's economy was ruined, one-fifth of the male population was gone, and segregation grew. Slowly, the textile industry began to develop and other manufacturers moved into the area bringing jobs. Tourism began to grow as people recognized the beauty of South Carolina's mountains and beaches. But even though the economy began to stabilize, racial tensions were strained. It wasn't until 1900 when people realized that African Americans were the state's majority race and they had the least representation in government.

The beach at Charleston, SC.

 The beach at Charleston, SC.

Inside the EdVenture Museum in Columbia, SC

The Civil Rights movement brought about a relatively peaceful end to the segregation in the state. More businesses continue to move into the state, such as BMW and Michelin. Tourism is a huge money maker for South Carolina as people come to see pieces of history come to life.

I've lived in two other states, and South Carolina, I think, is the best place to live. The people are friendly no matter where you go, I can drive to church and see the mountains out my window, and the restaurants automatically serve sweet tea when you order it. There is mystery, beauty, and history in the foothills and flat-lands of South Carolina.

Y'all come on down here and have a visit!!

momsc Anne Marie is proud to be a southern belle who is married to her Mr. Darcy. They have two of the silliest children in South Carolina. She has a Masters in Education specializing in curriculum and instruction and spent six years teaching in the private and public sectors of education. She has been homeschooling for two years. Anne Marie has a passion for Bible study and teaching the Word to adults and children. On Wednesday nights you will find her teaching Biblical concepts to Awana clubs at her church. All of her Awana and Bible lessons can be found for FREE on her blog: future.flying.saucers

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  1. Pretty Place is in NC isn't it? (or maybe on the border) I live very close to it and it's one of he only places we haven't hiked to but a lot of our friends post pictures from there. NC and SC are BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Anonymous3/20/2013

      Pretty place is in the very northern part of Greenville County, SC at Camp Greenville. :)

    2. Thank you, Anne Marie! I wasn't sure of that answer. Thank you so much for sharing about the beauty and history of South Carolina.


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