Thanks, Cristi, for guest posting and sharing these glimpses of your current home state.

As a military family, we've lived in areas all across the country, and we always find things to love about everywhere we call home. We've been living in Tucson, Arizona for about eight months so I'll share eight things that I love about living here.

1. Mountains

2. Hiking

3. Swimming all the way through September

4. Cactus

5. Wildlife. We have a family of javelina that live in the wash at the end of our street. Over the past few months of running in our area, I've seen rabbits, lizards, a cow, and a coyote.

6. Sunrises (this picture was taken from an upstairs window)

7. Rainbows

8. Sunsets

Cristi homeschools her three children wherever the Air Force sends her. If she had to describe herself in 25 words or less, she'd write: Follower of Christ. Military wife. Nurse (via on-the-job training). Homeschooling mom. Allergy-friendly cook. Aspiring photographer. Chauffeur. Blogger. Runner. Friend. And much, much more.

Her blog, Through the Calm and Through the Storm, started as a way to record her youngest daughter's wait for a heart transplant and continues as a way to record all the crazy days she loves.

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