First Day

     For six months I've been chronicling our family's "first days" by snapping pictures of our life all day the first day of each month. This is one of the most fun memes to look back on as it gives so many glimpses back. Much is not shared in pictures today. After I dropped the girls off at their speech class, I went to work. Later tonight I ran by my parents and my mom taught me how to make Mowmow's coconut pie. Precious memories are made and everyday moments happen that I don't share, but I hope you enjoy the ones that I do share.

Flowers in Granny's flower bed.
Not pictured: Powpow with a cane in one hand and leaf blower in the other hand when we drove up to get his grocery list. 

sweet stray that Powpow is now feeding "I can't let one of God's creatures starve."
Someone please claim this dog. 

spotted in the prayer garden

We went in here for black skirts for orchestra. 
My pink loving girl also left with a pink dress. 

I guess it no longer "goes without saying" 

75% off... we had to investigate

picking up another glasses prescription

lunch with my sweet girls

daffodils-- the first thing in the buggy (no, not on our list) 

yes, really

The girls and I often get a treat after shopping. 
Today-- pomegranate popsicles. 

home, sweet home

The "Jennifer bush" still in bloom on Mamma's driveway. 

There is more to this story.

While Mitch and the kids played wii bowling, 

I made Pappy's cucumber salad. 

(a frequent ending to our days) 
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  1. What a wonderful day! Yours girls are quite lovely :-)

    1. Thanks, Marty! It was one of those days I intended to get so much more accomplished. We got home late and the daffodils didn't make it in the ground like we planned. It helps me to see even with so much left undone that we did accomplish a lot and made some wonderful memories.

  2. Your girl's braids are awesome! So pretty!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! They have been working on demonstration speeches and a friend demonstrated how to braid using them as models earlier that morning.

  3. I agree...Their hair is beautiful!! Three carts? Jeesh...I thought I did a lot of shopping...

    1. Thanks Sarah! This was the first time for 3 carts. Half of one was dog and cat food, most of one was for Powpow. That won't happen again soon.

  4. It looks like a busy and fun day! I'm so excited to be following you!


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