The True Account of Adam and Eve

The True Account of Adam and Eve

     A friend first introduced me to another book in this series: The True Account of Noah's Ark which we purchased for my son. Like that one, The True Account of Adam & Eve is also based on the Bible to accurately portray Biblical history.

Where mankind’s history began impacts how our future will end!
  • The biblical answer to the question: Were Adam and Eve real people or just generic references for all of mankind?
  • Explains the connection between original sin and the gospel
  • Emphasizes the importance of Adam and Eve as literal history to young and old alike
When you unlock the door to biblical compromise, the door gets pushed open wider with each generation. The Church is now debating the validity of Genesis as actual history, the reality of hell itself, and even if Adam was a real person. Trying to change the biblical time-line to fit with the secular concepts of millions of years has led many in Christian academia to reject the literal interpretation of the Bible itself. Perfect for children, the book helps them discover the truth about the first man and woman, and how their disobedience led to the need for Jesus Christ.
10 x 8 • 64 Pages • Casebound

     Our whole family has enjoyed reading this book. With beautiful illustrations and even a fold-out panorama picture, the verses from Genesis are shared. A brief overview of creation is followed by an in-depth look at the sixth day of creation. Changes to the world because of the original sin are shared as well as a graph of world population and family tree from Adam to Noah. The book concludes with additional Scriptures which support the true story of Adam and Eve.

     Special offer: (Current at the time of this post) receive this book FREE from New Leaf Press with the purchase of the Big Book of History!

     Disclaimer: As one of the Moms of Masterbooks, I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was provided.

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