little words

     We went to the playground with friends, and my son surprised me with some completely unexpected words. He walked up to the picnic table where another mom and I were visiting and innocently asked "What does ----- mean?" I tried to keep a straight face at his question as I stopped him from repeating what he had read with the names tagged to it and explained that it wasn't a polite word to repeat, or ask his friends or another adult about, (but he could ask his Dad if he needed to talk about it at all.) He then asked if I had a marker to cross it out. I didn't. We do homeschool, and we do shelter our kids. But life is filled with situations and yes, words, that they see/hear/observe/live every day. So today, another lesson I could have done without.

     My husband surprised me with his answer. He shared that he checks bathroom stalls before he lets my son go in them. He had been watching for this situation that I never considered before. Words written on the playground- I want it erased from his mind.
     This is part of my 31 Days of Simple Things. Other bloggers sharing 31 days of are linked here

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  1. I was completely caught off guard once with my son on the greeting card aisle...let's just say that some cards are for adults only :-/
    I always try to remember that words have the power we give them. And we talk about how some words are smart and show intelligence and some words do not.


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