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     Do you tweet? I waited a little longer to try Twitter than Facebook, but I've learned it has a completely different range. If you do, say hi. My link is @MommieJennM.

     Aurie's recent post was enlightening to me. Following her advice and one of her links I learned how to easily  change my twitter feed by "cleaning up" my following list.

     Hashtags are a unique feature that helps search for content. By typing a specific word with a hashtag in the search bar such as #Louisiana I can read recent tweets about that topic. Some that I use now are #HomeSchoolCrew for the TOS School House Crew reviews and #TeachTheTruth with Moms of Masterbooks.

     Twitter parties feature hashtags and following along with an app such as tweetgrid helps keep up with the party posts. Try it out tonight at the Moms of Masterbooks Twitter Party. Be sure to read my latest Masterbooks review ahead of time to prepare for the questions. That is how Twitter parties work- questions are asked and someone who answers wins prizes. Include the designation with your answer such as Q1 for the first question along with the party hashtags and @ followed by whoever is hosting the party.

     Tonight- remember: Thursday Sept. 27th 8pm central #TeachTheTruth

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  1. Anonymous9/27/2012

    Twitter intimidates me, I don't know why. I really need to get more practice with it.


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