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     Zane Education is an online video subscription with additional features that turn videos into interactive lessons. It has multiple videos for almost every subject. Some of the longer videos are in three parts.  Since the videos are organized by subject it is fairly easy to find a specific one appropriate for your search. There are a lot of videos for history all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, which my daughter enjoyed. My husband said the narrator on those sounded like things that he remembered watching on a projector when he was in school. Heather shared about one three part online educational video about ancient Greece. Architecture, differences in cultures, and even art were covered in that single series. Online quizzes are also available to enhance Zane's lessons. Math videos cover simple topics like addition and complex ones beyond algebra. 

     With our school lessons, as the kids are introduced to a new topic such as a specific period in history or a scientific topic we can watch a related video together. 

     You can download Zane's entire catalog here

     I like subtitles. If I can't understand someone it is a way for me to keep up with the dialog. Zane offers subtitles on all except for their math videos for several reasons. ESL students can use them to aid in their understanding of our language. 

"The use of online video is no different to using a textbook, except that it is much more visually appealing and interesting for each child. It simply delivers the information to the child in a much more effective and affordable manner, attracting and maintaining their interest for much great periods of time than would the traditional textbook.

It is in the implementation of the additional hands-on activities outlined in the Lesson Plans for each topic that the parental involvement becomes vitally important.

The free Lesson Plans provided with each topic outline several other activities which are an essential part of the teaching process. These other involvements include Discussion, Debate, Research Assignment, Activity, and an Essay Assignment - all of which require that important parental participation to ensure that each topic is thoroughly investigated and studied."

     Zane Education is offering a 35% discount on the purchase of any annual 12-month Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription through until the end of August 2012 for my blog readers using the unique Promotion Code  ZE453HSM to be inserted by the Purchaser in the shopping cart. Without a discount you can subscribe for $8.99 per month.

From the director:
"The typical child finds the opportunity to learn visually much more fun, interesting and compelling – and if often helps motivate their desire to learn. However for those children with special abilities and special educational needs, it offers an opportunity that the more traditional text-based style of learning often does not, or cannot satisfy. Similarly, if you are the parent of a child learning English as a Second Language, you will quickly find the difference it makes.

The benefits of the audio-visual nature of video combined with the essential subtitling should not be ignored." 

Service Features

Zane Education provides an effective, subscription-based, online visual learning education solution using subtitled educational video, quizzes, interactive video study tools and free lesson plans. They provide online learning for 11 different subjects and 260+ K-12 curriculum topics, with more material being added all the time.

For many Homeschoolers it provides a complete one-stop-shop Visual Learning-based education solution that provides the curriculum material needed for children from Elementary school to College age, or from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The features include:

  • The online subtitled videos deliver the curriculum content for each topic.
  • The online interactive quizzes provide online testing for each topic.
  • The interactive study tools on each video page allow aspects of each video to be further explored and investigated.
  • The Lesson Plans provide further activities for the parent or teacher to ensure each topic is explored in a structured and thorough manner.
  • The Study Center provides additional resources including the World Fact Book to support study and additional resources are constantly being added.
  • A Getting Started Guide and selection of User Guides for a range of different students are freely downloadable to ensure that each student is able to use the resources provided for their greatest benefit.

     You can also find Zane on Facebook

     We received a one year gold subscription to this program as well as a copy of The Christian Home Learning Guide for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.

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