upcycle with doll clothes tutorial

     My serger was a purchase back when we were building the house. I attempted it a few times, but with four threads to lace through multiple precise mazes my delight turned to dislike. I gave up and packed it away for a few years. Earlier this year I mentioned my lack of expertise to my aunt who generously offered to help. She took it to a friend who determined it only needed re-threading. It is home again and humming and may never see any color but baby blue thread as long as it lasts.
     Today I tackled a simple project I've wanted to do for a while for the girls- doll pajamas. I simply cut the sleeve off after trying it on the doll to determine the correct length. Realize when you do this that AG dolls are a bit larger in back than in front, so give yourself more length than you think you need to cover that little backside. For ours, a long t-shirt is going to have to be pulled down a little to cover that mistake, or I could add a long waistband later.

one stained shirt
measure and cut sleeve

Try the sleeve on the doll and determine the length you want it to be. Cut sleeve from shirt. The embroidery on the hem of these sleeves added a pretty touch to the bottom of the dolls pants.

For the next part I don't have pictures as I was figuring out how to do it as I sewed. I ended up cutting the existing seam completely out except for the top, then folding in half and cutting exactly opposite of the first cut leaving the two pieces which would form the legs.

Turn it inside out and serge from the bottom center up and around back to the bottom of the opposite leg- so you are just serging one long strip.

Try it on the doll. The small size of these sleeves made this pair more like leggings as they are quite form fitting.

Changing a sleeve to a doll skirt is even simpler! Cut to desired length leaving a little extra to finish waist. Again, this knit is so form fitting that even without finishing the top it is staying in place. I don't yet know how to serge around tubes, so that might get finished with a zig-zag.

Easy Peasy!

And for fun- a denim skirt from my son's outgrown holey jeans!
I'll put elastic in that waist.

Look through your clothes that aren't quite nice enough to be passed on, and you may find some doll clothes hidden in them, too. I hope you will share if you make something.



  1. Very cute and fun! Thanks for sharing :)

    For the tubes at the top, as far as I know you cant serge those. But then again I learn new things everyday!

    I always make a tube and put in elastic with a safety pin, or use fold over elastic. That stuff is awesome!

  2. Fold over elastic? I need to learn that trick.

  3. How clever of you... I wish I had the patience to sew doll clothes. I usually end up throwing things across the room when I try... ":o) Somehow, you've made it look easy. Good Job!

  4. My girls would love it if i could be this crafty. Nice work!

    Stopping by from the TOS Crew. Thank you for sharing.


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