Hurricane Preparedness

     My oldest daughter surprised me about eight years ago with a grin accompanying her comment a few days before her birthday. "I know what I'm getting for my birthday!" What parent wants surprises ruined? A little downcast I asked her how she knew. "I get one every year." Okay, that puzzled me. What are you getting? "A hurricane!" Now I don't have any problem remembering when hurricane season is as I remember it falls the same time of year as her birthday. 

     Before the storm we have a bit of time to prepare, but when everyone is trying to gather essentials this is what our local Walmart bread aisle looks like:

     We live on a multi-generational farm so our pre-storm preparations are always for more than just our house. My husband watches the weather and is the one who gathers all of the empty gas cans to fill and have ready to fill generators.

     Another mandatory step is gathering up loose items outside. Simple things like my small gardening trowel left on the porch near the front flower bed can become a projectile in the strong winds. Everything that could pottentially fly through the air and break a window has to be picked up and securely put away or tied down. This doesn't just mean little things but also outdoor furniture, wheelbarrows, etc.

     In years past we also made sure my Daddy who lived on the coast was safe. During hurricane Katrina he lived with us here for two weeks. He actually had electricity and was able to return home before power was restored at our house. There are positives and negatives to country life. Having our electricity out a little while is expected. Because of that, laundry needs to be all washed and dried before the storm. For those who really plan ahead a month before hurricane season would be a great time to clean out the deep freezer. Instead for us, that is one of the things that we keep the generator attached to.

     The wind is already blowing outside and will continue to get stronger. Please pray for those who are hurt by this storm.


  1. Hey Jennifer!! Where are yall??? We are in Baton Rouge and are hunkering down waiting as well!!! Our Walmart looks the same way!!!! Praying for safety to all that will be in the path!!!!

  2. I e-mailed you about our location ;)


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