We are right in the path of hurricane Issac and to lighten the mood are having a hurricane party! Won't you join us? It is a Lilla Rose mystery hostess party which means one of you who join the party and place an order will receive all of the hostess benefits! 

     How it works:
Click here to go to the party and place your orders. All party orders over $20 receive free shipping! 

     Extra details:
Signing up and ordering through the party does not make you my customer. If you don't already have a consultant please go to my website and sign up as a customer, too. http://www.lillarose.biz/PrettyHair/ Be sure that it still says prettyhair in the url after you link over. If not, click the tiny print in the top left corner asking if you are looking for Jennifer's website. Then click shop now and create new account. But for this party, use the party link to place your actual order and claim the free shipping over $20 special offer. 

    Mystery hostess details:
All hostess benefits are based on party sales. Click here to find out more about hostess benefits. You can even schedule a party, too, just let me know.

     Party games:
Its a virtual party so grab your favorite snack as you watch the sizing and styling video. If you want to watch the hurricane, too, the weather channel offers a live tracker. And if you are too close to the storm pack up and find shelter! 

     Style ideas:

UP1-1920 Antique Style You-Pin in an elegant twisted bun
Lilla Rose flexi-clips are pretty in all shades of hair
and pretty for all ages (3-1214 Soaring Butterfly)
This French braid is elegant with the ends tucked and secured with the 2-0658 floral design. 

     Wrapping it up:
All good things must come to an end. The party ends Thursday night at midnight, so go ahead and join in now before its too late! One name will be drawn from all who place a party order and a winner will be announced Friday unless the hurricane causes a power outage in which case it will be announced ASAP!


  1. Sounds like fun! Praying you'll be safe through the storm! We're "battening down the hatches" here...building more secure shelter for the chickens and goats....and praying they won't blow away nor float away... ;-)

  2. Thanks, Wendy! I'm praying for you, too.


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