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     After homeschooling for almost 10 years, my mom thinks that I should write a book. I think I'm still figuring things out. This week along with others on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I'll be sharing a bit about what works for us.

     When we first started homeschooling, I didn't realize how many methods there were. Charlotte Mason, Classical, Eclectic, even Relaxed- all of those could describe us at different times. Eclectic covers it all, though. My form of eclectic is a mix we don't even know before the school year starts as we participate in many curriculum reviews. With all of the programs that we try, when something new works for us we incorporate it into our plans. This year I did purchase what will be the "spine" of our lessons. Read part 2 in this series for more about our specific curriculum choices.

     I have read much of Charlotte Mason's writings and agree with many of her ideas. The spine curriculum that we use also follows the Classical style so that is a fair description of our method. Our style is much more relaxed than a typical school room, but not lenient enough to be classified as unschooling. Relaxed homeschooling is a term I've heard more and more lately, and it also seems to fit us. We don't follow the local school schedule completely as we vacation each fall with extended family. 

     Other terms you may hear about related to different homeschool methods are Traditional, Unit Studies, Lap Book, Montessori, and online learning. We have tried most of these since we started. See what others  on the Schoolhouse Review Crew share about homeschool methods with the links below.



  1. Hi, Jennifer, we've tried most of the different philosophies and methods as well. We've settled for a more traditional way of homeschooling.

  2. I love the term relaxed! That sums up life around here as well! Thanks for you insights on methods.

  3. Thanks for your kind comment while visiting my blog today.

  4. Anonymous7/31/2012

    As a 12th year homeschooler, we have tried almost every method out there now. It's really nice to find what works for your family! :-)


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