ducks lost and found

     When we came home from our camping trip, we learned about another duck's death. Maybe you remember the loss of Donald a few months ago. This time, 3 more of the 5 were still here last night and the final one appeared this morning. Maybe because more survived the kids aren't as sad. Maybe because we haven't had these as long?

     Did you know you can order ducks online?

Ducks for sale at californiahatchery.com, offering a wide variety of day old ducklings, safely shipped via USPS to anywhere in the United States! Our day old ducklings are cute and friendly, the perfect pet for your backyard! We have mallards, pekins, cayuga, rouen, mandarin, white crested, blue swedish, runner ducks, and more! We have a safe arrival guarantee, and we will make sure your ducklings arrive safely! We also offer a wide selection of chicken breeds for the backyard chicken farmer!

     They have chickens for sale, too. I noticed in addition to baby birds that you can also purchase their food from californiahatchery.com, too. I wonder if the free shipping for a specified order extends to bags of feed, too. That could amount to a significant savings.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have not received any ducks from this company (though I would be delighted if they sent some.) Mamma if you are reading this we aren't adding to our zoo until after our fall vacation. ;)

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