In A Blink

     Through waterproof mascara, with tissue crumpled in my hand, I watched friends share their charges to their children as they presented them with their high school diplomas. The end of a season of life. New beginnings. Seven graduated in our homeschool group this year. Two others had their own recognition with family and friends.

     Earlier this year the TOS Blog Cruise asked what we wanted our kids to remember most from their childhood. My answer to that is love. I want my children to know that the decisions made for them were based on love- our love for them and our love for our Father in heaven. When we look back on their childhood and see things I could have done differently (as I surely will) I hope love colors all of their memories- God's love first and from it our love.

     Time flies. I look back and wonder already how the days have passed so quickly. My own daughter is beginning high school! One mom shared this song as she shared videos of her child at graduation. I think it is so appropriate.

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  1. Enjoy the time, Jennifer! It does go by fast. Our first is off to college in 6 weeks!


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