family game night

     My son chose the game. We only play this about once a year because it takes so long. This game lasted two nights- a few hours both nights. Joseph was banker. It might be a fun change to play it just a little more often  maybe even replace math lessons during the middle of the school year.
     Daddy won!

     What are some of your favorite family games?


  1. We used to play more often and then everything became a BIG competition with my older two, which would completely ruin the fun about half way through the games. It's just about time to get back into it, though...{{shuttering and hopeful}}....

    We enjoy Life, Monopoly and Parcheesi :) UNO is our favorite card game.

  2. *cringe* Monopoly is my LEAST favorite game EVER! LOL! My sister loves it though, and she was always very good at making me play it with her.

    I always preferred checkers, Sorry, Uno, and card games. I also like simple games like Chutes and Ladders (as an adult, I still love Chutes and Ladders!). My son is 13, and for most of his life we've played different Cranium games, checkers, Battleship, Risk, Connect 4, and Life.

  3. UNO is my son's favorite. Monopoly isn't my favorite by far, but we have fun when we do play (maybe because we don't play so often.)

  4. We love to play monopoly as a family. We have just about every version.


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