Apologia ~ Who is my Neighbor?

"...‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31
     Who is my Neighbor first interested me because I like working with all three of my children on the same thing at the same time when possible. My oldest daughter will have a service project included with her curriculum this fall, and I liked the idea of a service based study for my two younger children. This study encompasses much more than a traditional Bible study. It is the third in a series of worldview studies from Apologia, but works as a stand alone study even  if you have not completed others in the series. Other topics including history and even science are also woven into the colorful pages. 

     For this review, Apologia provided the hardback book Who Is My Neighbor ($39.00), the spiral bound Notebooking Journal ($24.00), and the paperback Coloring Book ($8.00)
     The 276 page book is both textbook and teacher's guide. As with other Apologia texts, a code is also provided to access additional related material online. This series is designed for ages 6-14.
     Children are encouraged to make this Notebooking Journal their own starting by adding their name to the cover in permanent marker. Units are broken down further into 48 days of lessons.
     Sixty-four pictures in the Who Is My Neighbor Coloring Book cover the wide variety of topics shared. Some lessons have more than one coloring picture.
From the publisher:
"The third book in the award-winning What We Believe series helps children understand what it means to be salt and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-14). This study will encourage kids to develop a Christlike servant attitude based on these biblical truths: God created me to be a blessing to the world; God chooses to work through me; I can make a difference at home, in my community, and at church; the church is God's family; the church is one body with many gifts; and I am an important member of Jesus' body."
     Our family is planning to continue to use this resource combined with our school lessons this fall. (Joseph keeps asking for me to read more.) The children listened and colored as I read aloud from the book. We all learned about the communist takeover in China and discussed how an entire family risked their own safety to help a family that was not Christian. That family's story is continued in future lessons. The book shared in several ways how our neighbor may not be people just like us, but we are still taught to reach out and share God's love. 

     We received the aforementioned books for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.




  1. Oh, this looks great. I am always looking to combine my children as well, particularly with history, social studies, and science.
    What a great find (and awesome pics of it).


  2. We got to review this, too. It is a wonderful program, hu? I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!

  3. My dd really enjoyed the story of the family from China too. I was impressed at how well-woven all the different stories and insets were in each chapter. It's a great devotional series!


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