Packing and Planning

     When we first knew that our family would be able to participate in a mission trip this summer, we brought home stacks of library books about Virginia (our main destination) and Washington D.C. (a highly anticipated day trip.) The kids and I looked through the pictures and shared interesting facts with Mitch when he was home in the evenings. Internet searches led to rabbit trails which is not atypical for our studies. Reading one book about the White House burning in the war of 1812 led us to this video of a song I remember my sister teaching me after she learned it in 5th grade.

     Last fall we combined school with travel by having the kids keep journal/ lap book style scrapbooks filled with facts about each state we visited and activity we completed. We are continuing that tradition with a new twist this time. When one of the other parents going on the trip heard about the girls' photography class, he asked them to plan to take a lot of pictures then put together a power point presentation to share with our church when we return. Sunday morning our church shared that they are completely sponsoring the trip for every member that is going. That means our entire family of five is paid in full. I held back tears when Mitch told me as I knew they were helping, but only anticipated a small fraction would be covered. I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude.

     Along with library books, don't forget to request tourist information when you are travelling to a new area. We requested and received packets from Virginia and Washington DC. In our photography class we were encouraged to take pictures from different perspectives instead of things you could find on postcards already. We will use the pictures from the brochures in the journal/memory books that the kids create. 

     We leave in less than a week. Please pray for all of our group. Specifically for safety during travel and while working (one purpose of the trip is expanding a church sanctuary.)

     This week's blog cruise topic is all about summer field trips. See how others on the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew combine fun and learning at the crew website. Please share any tips you have to make your trips even more meaningful.


  1. Fun! If you happen to hit Virginia Beach drop me a line. =o)

  2. An early welcome to our part of the country! Enjoy your trip! It is hot here these days!

  3. Thanks! Stefanie, I e-mailed you. :)

    Michelle, I'm just assuming the weather is similar to here, but someone said nights can be cold. Do we need long sleeves too?

  4. Hope you enjoy your trip to our part of the country! We live about an hour northwest of DC. (and yes, it is hot here, today especially!)


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