Creation Illustrated


     Creation Illustrated is a beautiful full color magazine with four issues published each year. We received 4 issues of this magazine, an entire year's worth of content, in a package in the mail. The very day it arrived I read one of the articles with my oldest daughter. We have continued to enjoy the articles; I'll share some of the content with you to give you a glimpse. 

     The first thing of notice is the absolutely beautiful photography. Pictures of wildlife and nature are so true to life. One of my favorites captured a view that I love- rays of sunlight shining through trees. 

     Unlike a book, I like how you can read an article at a time in a brief respite of time. Some of them read like short stories. Some are more devotional in content. All point back to The Creator of all creation.

     There are even recipes in each issue complete with a page you can cut and file in your own recipe box. Mint to be Green Smoothie, Grapefruit -Lime Sorbet, and Marbled Maple-Pecan Cupcakes each fit the season of the issue in which they appeared.

     Each issue includes a section of "guidelines for deeper study" which can be used to facilitate communication and learning related to feature articles. A word search is also included in that section. Both of my girls picked out one of their pictures to be submitted to the magazine's monthly photography contest (though they are still waiting on me to print them so they can be mailed.) 

     Sometimes I share books and magazines that I enjoy reading with my Granny. Though we have different tastes in books, these magazines were a great fit for both of us. Another pastime we share as we visit is birdwatching through her dining room window. What a lovely surprise to discover two of the same types of birds that we have identified shared in the pages of volume 18! Beautiful pictures of the Brown Thrasher and blue bunting were happily shared with Granny. We found bird pictures in all four issues. This magazine is appropriate for all ages.

     Many of the stunning pictures in Creation Illustrated are paired with scripture verses such as the one on the inner cover of volume 19. "Lift up your eyes on high, and see who has created these things." Isaiah 40:26 That sums up what these magazines are all about. These beautiful pictures could be framed and shared on your wall.


Disclaimer:     We received a package containing an entire year of magazines (the past four issues) for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.

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