Beginning the Bible Bee

     Busy times here again; we still haven't completely unpacked from our 4H trip. Last night when we returned home, we found our Bible Bee Box!

     It was packed with books, brochures, t-shirts and more. One of the first things that we did with it was punch holes in the memory cards and put them on rings. Mitch started installing the Sword Drill CD on the computer for Joseph who was eager to try it out.

     Today the girls and I enjoyed a special shopping trip with my Mom, and I took some of the new books and tools with us. We all listened to the memory verse song CD while in the car as we flipped through the memory cards. When I read the recommendation to celebrate with Italian food as one way to kick off the study of II Timothy, it fit right into our dinner plans.

     They decided to extend the deadline until June 4th, so there is still time to sign up at https://www.biblebee.org/.

     Have you heard of Scripture Typer? The online program is free, and they even have an iphone app. I just tried out the first verses with the program and want to add this to my mom's phone for when the kids are with her.


  1. Jennifer, silly question, but if you sign up for this, do your children have to compete? We would just like to use the info as a guide the first year, and maybe try to compete the following year.

  2. If you don't want to actually have your children compete, the same materials are available for purchase. Just click on the store/shopping link at the Bible Bee website.

  3. Where would I find the free scripturetyper app? I have only been able to find one that you have to pay for. Thanks

  4. Where would I find the free scripturetyper app? I have only been to find one that I have to pay for.


  5. I'm sorry, Miss. S.E., the app I just linked to is $3.99 and I can't find the information from Bible Bee saying if there is a free code or it is a purchase. The online version is free, and they send e-mail reminders each day if you set it up that way.

  6. Anonymous6/07/2012

    Hey Jennifer!

    I hope the Bible Bee is lots of fun and that you enjoy practicing and competing! I started to participate but decided not to this year. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with commitments and activities, so we are trying to take it a little easier this summer.



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