after sleeping late...

     It is a rainy sleep late morning here. The raindrops pounded on the roof while more thunder boomed in the distance. I surprised the kids with homemade cocoa topped with our favorite mini marshmallows from the Amish store.


  1. Rain sounds lovely right now. Today it is supposed to hit 99 here. :-)

    And how fun to have an Amish store near you! I have always been intrigued by them but being in CA have never been around them.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. We have been needing the rain, but it has been making up for the previous dry with storms this week.

    The Amish store is actually in Branson. When we visit, there are a few favorite things we stock up. I just found a link: http://www.amishcountrystoreonline.com/

  3. Jennifer, thanks for the link! And they ship their products.....this could be dangerous for me! :-)

  4. You are very welcome. We haven't ordered online from them yet, but as much as we are enjoying their popcorn I may decide to.


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