a slice of the world

     As a kick-off to our new Exploring Countries and Cultures lessons, we made the world cake tonight and each enjoyed two slices (even though I don't usually enjoy eating fake blue foods.) It was delicious.

    Our 5 days series is getting close. I'm looking forward to Our Homeschool Studio's international food posts and to trying out her recipes as they fit with our geography lessons.



  1. Your cake looks great, and looks like you had a lot of fun making and eating it :0) We start ECC in August, we will have to try this also!

  2. Thanks, Beth. I wish every single thing we did was that much fun! We brought the cake over to my parents' to share, and eating it was fun, too. :) We just got the rest of our ECC books in as I didn't order the whole set at first, and the kids are still enjoying it as a new thing- maybe that excitement will last all year.


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