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     We were given a choice of which programs to review with Heritage History. Ancient Greece was my top choice because the content overlaps with the 9th grade history that we just started to use with my oldest daughter. Stories from two of the books in her lesson plan The Iliad and The Odyssey are included. Even though she has the physical books already, we are beginning to see the advantages of reading on our Nook.
     Though you can read this on your Nook or e-reader of your choice, it is actually 3 types of books in one:
     My daughter shared with me after reading The Story of Greece and shared about how the people imagined their gods. It led to an interesting discussion about how people can believe untruths."One paragraph shared how once Jesus came and died on the cross the gods that they believed in all died because He was more powerful than them." That version of Greek gods isn't one that I had heard before.

     Though the books are far from modern in content, my 14 year old shared that she found the intermediate level easy to read. All of the books on the CD are identified as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The books are also arranged by type including comprehensive history, military history, biography, mythology and hero stories, adapted literature, and historical fiction.

     When you run the CD on your computer, it opens as an internet window but does not require internet access to run. In addition to the stories, a curriculum user guide, maps, and a timeline are also included.

     In addition to the Ancient Greece program, others in the series include Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, Christian Europe, British Empire, Early America, Young Readers, and the Spanish Empire.

From their website:

About Us

If you would like to learn more about Heritage History, its mission, teaching philosophy, and products, visit our Introduction and FAQpages. Recommendations for some of our favorite books and series can be found here.

Maps and Illustrations

The Heritage library includes thousands of high quality historical illustrations, sorted by character, civilization, and subject matter, as well as hundreds of historical maps derived from classical historical atlases.

Characters and Conflicts

Short biographies of historical characters from all civilizations are searchable by name, date, and occupation. Our battle dictionary contains details of over 2000 important battles, all based on classical sources.

     Individual CDs are available for $24.99, or the 5 volume world history collection for $99.99.

     We received a CD of this program for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.


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