TOS Homeschool Crew Review ~ AIMS Fractions

     Some of my favorite lessons to teach are when a teacher's guide can help me turn a lesson into a fun learning experience followed by my children actually grasping the concept. AIMS does that and more. I almost always prefer books to e-book versions, but this time having both has been beneficial. I was able to read the book and then easily print just the pages that the children needed (copies for each of them) from the included CD.

     This Fabulous Fractions book and CD ($21.95) made learning fractions fun and easy to understand. Designed for 3-9th grades, my 2nd, 6th, and 8th graders completed the activities together.

     Aims also offers other activity books for grades K-9. In addition to 3-5 Math: Fabulous Fractions (Grades 3-9)  other bloggers on the TOS Homeschool Review Crew tested the following products: 
K-2 Sci: What on Earth (Grades K-1) 
3-5 Sci: Earth Rocks! (Grades 4-5) 

     My wishlist for our homeschool now includes more of these workbooks with hands on activities to help turn abstract concepts into concrete learning. 

     Disclaimer: As a reviewer for the 2011-2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I was given a copy of this resource for the purpose of this review. All opinions shared are my own. Be sure to check out other reviews at the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.



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