Fast and Flavorful Breakfast With #TysonBreakfast

     Our family is on the go a lot, and I don't typically prepare hot breakfasts the days that we have plans away from home. Instead, we enjoy big family breakfasts around the table on the rare Saturday that we all stay home. I do want to kids to have a good start to their day with a yummy hot meal, and these new Sausage Breakfast Bread Bowls from Tyson have been a delicious answer for us.

     We found this yummy new treat on the frozen aisle at our local Sam's Club.

     If you want an easy and hot change from cold cereal, try these. They were simple to prepare. (The kids even did this on their own another morning.)

     Microwave for 50 seconds.

     The one on the left is ready to heat; the one on the right side ready to eat.

     This was a delicious (and fast!) family breakfast before church.

     Another morning I heated Tyson Sausage Breakfast Bread Bowls for my husband as he was heading out the door to work. Try them when your family is on-the-go. 

    This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias and #TysonBreakfast. You can see additional pictures at my related Google+ post here. Join #CBias at the #TysonBreakfast Twitter party April 19th at 1:00 EST. You can also find them on Facebook.


  1. What a great idea to have them before Church - we are always a little slow on Sunday morning and I want to make a 'nice' breakfast - great solution!

  2. I'm always eating as I run out of the door. So glad you can hold these in your hand!


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