new plans...ongoing thanksgiving

Continuing to count one by one, into the new year with a fresh start

tea with Granny
practical lessons
an entire week at home
more late nights
movie marathon with my girls
plans to return to our abnormal routine
my children's excitement about hunting with Daddy
cabbage and black eyed peas from my Granny and my Mom (since no one in my house wants to even smell cabbage cooking)
a plan to clean
homemade fudge
laughter in the kitchen
gumbo from Mama
prayers of friends

1885 and counting
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  1. Oh my, I forgot I had wanted to read through the 31 Days to Clean to, lol!!!! I really love her Mary challenges but just cant keep to her Martha challenges, how are you doing so far?!

  2. L2L I'm joining her Facebook group and starting it again tomorrow. I tried last year to get the 31 days done condensed before my in-laws visited, but I'm planning on doing it right this time.

  3. I just love your list! We love doing the traditional black eyed peas and collard greens for New Year. Reminds me of spending New Years Day with my grandma!


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