This new year is bringing changes, already several big ones. One change that will be effective now on my blog is cancelling the two link-ups. I've enjoyed trying new recipes that have been shared on Tasty Tuesday, and have gained a lot of new ideas from the art link-up each Wednesday. Those of you who have joined in with those, thank you! For now, though, both are being discontinued. I've also stopped posting every day. Right now my kids are here with me, learning from me. I'll keep sharing highlights, but I've been spending too much time on the computer and that is changing. Some things will stay the same. Changing my focus to one of thankfulness opened my eyes. I'm continuing to count blessings. Reviews are continuing. I hope you enjoy seeing what works for us and that what I share can help you make decisions about books and homeschool products, and a few other things. While I take down our Christmas tree and spend more time with my kiddos, click on the page here with links and visit a few of my blog friends. 
     This video/commercial has become a family favorite- enjoy. 


  1. I spent all day yesterday taking down Christmas, and am also planning a fresh start.

    I love the commercial! He's cuter than the Gecko.

  2. Catherine, we finally got the tree down today. Little steps...

  3. I love your line "right now my kids are here with me, learning from me" - it is so easy to think that these sometimes long days will last forever and they will always be here, but it does go too fast. Too fast to spend to much of it in front of a computer screen! Good for you to make those adjustments now!


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