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     Tears flow more freely lately. They ran down my face as I read Ann Voskamp's blog post today. One person can make a difference in so many lives. "God is love: now experience it." Before we moved here my husband joined a missions team and traveled to Guatemala a few times. I stayed home with the kids, though my heart was there with him. Now Ann tells me that the books I purchased for my Mom, my sister, and even my blog readers made a difference in Guatemala for the glory of God. Look around you. Experience God's love;  now share it!

     Ann's post gave me new ideas for sharing with you, pictures of thanks through the year. Maybe next week I'll have pictures with the thankful post. Today, one of  her suggestions was "a gift you sat with." Heather woke up earlier than my other two kids this morning. She and I shared a sweet visit on the front porch swing together while we ate our slices of sourdough bread which she had toasted. Later Joseph and I sat on that same swing and discussed sentence structure. Emily sat across from me at the table as we all quietly read our Bibles. I have no pictures of those, but am thankful for the special times and for my dear children.

Continuing to count one by one...

cooking together with my family
my husband's giving nature, giving his time and talents for my family
my son's excitement, looking toward me to see if I recognize too, when our pastor quoted a Bible verse and Joseph recognized it as one he had memorized, that sweet expression
clean sheets
anticipation of fellowship with other ladies who completed the challenge and will meet together soon, Siestas!
reservations made
burden lifted, laid down at the feet of Jesus
wild ducks on the pond
fresh squeezed orange juice
a new study to help me get healthier
windows open again
sunlight through crystal in the window making multiple rainbows on the floor, walls, ceiling
being able to fulfill Pappy and Grandmommie's request
worn out boy, asleep so peacefully before the last goodnight kiss
1915 and counting
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