sadness turned to joy

     Though I'd rather be almost anywhere than reclined in the dentist chair, today I am thankful for my dentist. About two years ago I tried out a new dentist closer to home (20 minutes instead of 45 minutes away.) Simply put, it turned into a horrible situation for my son and caused a lot of tears for both of us. We returned to my dentist for the following visits, and today for the first time since then my son and I had cavities filled. No tears, quickly completed, amazingly completely different situation.

     A bigger thanks is being covered in prayer by friends and family. Knowing that others are praying helps fill me with peace. Today for both me and Joseph the dentist told us that the filling was tiny and would hurt less than the shot for the fat lip. Without that shot we were both finished in under 10 minutes. Almost unbelievable.

     Before we left home this morning, Joseph said he wanted to draw a picture for Dr. Price on one of his Christmas cards. He drew a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a tooth. After the dentist received it he sent it to the front office to be shared. Mounted on the wall mixed in with beautiful professional cards from local businesses is a handmade card from Joseph. :)

     The girls stayed home with Pappy while Joseph and I spent the day together. We shopped just a little, enjoyed a lunch for two, and redeemed a gift certificate for a movie which the whole family will enjoy watching later tonight. He helped me tape up some special packages at the post office. It is pretty rare for me to have time with just Joseph without the girls, and today I enjoyed talking with him and not hearing any whining at all.

     I'm also thankful that the girls got to spend the whole day with Pappy. They did their independent schoolwork then helped him with a few projects. My Mom was at work, but we all got to cook together while Pappy hunted last weekend. I love that my kids enjoy the time they spend with them and vice-versa.

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  1. How sweet of them to add Joseph's card to the wall!


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