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     At least once a year my husband makes what we call "turkey in a can." He cooks it under an aluminum garbage can outside. It involves hot coals and lots of butter. Despite the fact that I've removed all of the aluminum pots from my house and don't cook with aluminum any more, combined with the fact that it is cooked under an aluminum garbage can, the turkey he makes always turns out moist and delicious.

     This year we only had 7 here for Thanksgiving dinner. My husband's boss also gave him a ham, so we still have leftover turkey. Last night I made turkey vegetable soup with alphabet noodles, and it was a hit with the kids. I make my own chicken broth often, but just last year learned that I should do so with turkey, too. Now, once the meat has been carved and the kids have pulled the wishbone, I cover the bones with water in a large stockpot and make turkey broth. Once strained, I have a rich broth to add to recipes and then the dogs get the bones.

     The soup was easy and delicious. I combined the turkey broth, one sauteed onion, five sliced carrots, one can of corn, some turkey cut into small pieces, and fajita seasoning. This simmered until the carrots were tender, then I added two bags of alphabet noodles. Most of the broth was absorbed by the noodles, but the kids enjoyed it even without being super soupy.
     How do you use leftover turkey?


  1. I make bone broth & soup with mine too! We have turkey salad as well.

  2. Anonymous11/29/2011

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  3. That looks like an interesting way to cook a turkey! I don't think I'll share this idea with my hubby though, hee hee.

  4. I wish we had leftover turkey! We went to my sister's house with 14 family members...and no leftover turkey to bring home! :( I miss a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce on a hearty bread!

  5. Anonymous11/30/2011

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  6. Oooh! This sounds so delicious!
    I wish I had some leftover turkey to try it!
    Lisa H.


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