favorite tradition

     Saturday we brought home a real Christmas tree. It is now standing near our front window, soon to covered with lights and ornaments. My husband brought the boxes of decorations down from the attic last night. My favorite thing to set out for the season, though, is our nativity set.

     This morning the kids helped me set it up. We have a few extra animals from last year's Schleich review, and a couple from the Little People nativity set that is still packed in one of the boxes. Having that set up in the center of our house is one reminder of what our focus really should be at Christmas.



  1. I like your blog - the kids are so cute! Love that red hair!

  2. Hello Jennifer. I'm stopping by from the MMS group to share some bloggy love.

    I love nativity scenes also. It's an excellent reminder of our Saviour's entrance into the world the task that He completed to the fullest because He loved and still loves us!

    TFS and be blessed!



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