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     Tonight we received our first consultant order in the mail from Lilla Rose! We surprised the girls with a large flexiclip for each of them in their favorite colors. I ordered a few of the popular November design of the month- the Festive Fallen Leaf. They were delighted to see just how the company will be packaging up orders for customers who order online.

    Just last weekend my daughters and I signed up for our own Lilla Rose business. It is designed as an opportunity for a small start up fee to help launch you into your own business. They have both earned money by selling things that they have made, but this is their first business endeavor that they have put up start up money for. You have to be 18 to be a consultant, so formally it is set up as my business. However, they will be showing these and they will be profiting from their sales. I hope they benefit from the math required for things like determining taxes and keeping up with inventory.

     Click through to the website, then come back and let me know your favorite designs. If you have any questions about the consultant opportunity, please ask. It is just $49.95 + shipping for the "party kit" for new consultants, so even if you want to just sign up to purchase these at cost (which they allow) it is a reasonable plan.


Lilla Rose Consultant

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