the digestive system

     In an effort to catch up, I made a plan Monday to begin 3 weeks of our CC memory work this week and another 3 the first week of December. As I planned out their science, I realized we had never focused on the facts of their week 6 science memory card which is all about the digestive system. Today we addressed that in great detail and Heather finally completed her mold experiment. I am so happy to have the moldy bread and pears out of my kitchen!

     We completed several of the experiments in their science book, and then Emily read much of the chapter out loud to Joseph. He wanted to play the game Some Body, so enjoyed that as she read.

     The compared changes in their mouth by feel, taste, and sight (thanks to the handy Mary Kay mirror) to the starchy cracker and non starchy cheese on their tongues.

     Further study on changes caused by acid is still in progress as Pappy shared three deer teeth which are submerged in Mountain Dew.

     For a visual demonstration of stomach acids at work we again used the Mountain Dew and crackers which dissolved very quickly inside the plastic bag "stomach."

     The string representing the small intestine stretched across the dining room and down the hall surprising the kids at the length of something called "small." A rolled up scarf represented the large intestine and we formed them into a similar shape of the actual intestines.

     We ended the lesson with a rerun DVD lesson from Ms. Frizzle: The Magic School bus Inside the Human Body.


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