a lesson from the wii

     "To achieve a more perfect score step on and off the Wii fit board a little more slowly." Until that point I was feeling really good exercising with the TV screen, especially since it gave me a "fit age" of 30! (Not my real age, ha!)

     "A little more slowly."

     We rush. A lot. I schedule as many things as I can cram into the days that we leave our house and find myself rushing to fit it all in, exhausted when I return home.

     To really hear what others are saying, I need to listen a little more slowly, a little more attentively, a little more aware.

     I want to live just a little more slowly before all of these little moments are lost. Little moments like watching the hula hoop motion the kids make while they do the Wii fit! That always makes me smile. :)


  1. I love our Wii Fit. I love playing with my family and watching them when we play together. We have such fun. I don't remember what age it gave me when I did the whole checkup. I plan to use mine a lot this weekend because I have 2 friends coming over. I want a new game, or 2, for Christmas. God Bless and have a good week.

  2. Good thoughts to remember. :) We love the Wii Fit as well. It's funny to watch our little ones "try" to play it.

  3. I love Wii fit, too. even though it keeps telling me I'm unstable. ;)


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