cleaning out

     We had an unexpected mess this morning. A little glass bottle of Tinks broke on our bathroom floor as my hubby was preparing to take our youngest daughter hunting. If you have hunters in your family then maybe you know that horrible stench. Imagine the most awful smell that you can. I poured straight bleach on it (we have bare cement floors) and was still able to smell it even after wiping that up. After watching me clean my bathroom maybe the kids were inspired, because they obeyed my request to clean out their bathroom cabinet with no grumbling! They each now have their own baskets on the bathroom shelves and nothing is pouring out of the cabinet or propping the door open. Em hauled out four bags of trash. The difference is amazing.

     As they sorted through the towels and bathroom items, I started looking through fabric scraps for a little project with Emily. It turned into another organizing project and I separated the fabrics scattered with other notions in 5 big plastic bins. Now everything for the girls to use with their dolls (including patterns) is in one container. I had forgotten many of the pieces that I found. Sometime in the past I picked up a precious panel for a baby boy blanket, and I know just the sweetie I'm going to complete that for. There were also a few pretty pieces purchased for skirts for the girls. With the sewing machine easily accessible now, there is no excuse for me not to sew more. I'll share pictures with you when I complete something. I've not quite finished sorting through all 5 bins, but I know there will be less going back into my office/storage room/school room/ close the door and hide the clutter room.

     I feel like our house is growing each time we get another area cleaned out. (Last week it was the hall "art shelf" and coat closet.) Have you cleaned out any clutter lately?



  1. You sound just like me!!! I have been de-cluttering a lot lately too. Feels so great.

  2. I love "found" space!

    (and then get disgusted with myself thinking, "WHY DID I PUT THIS OFF FOR SO LONG?")


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