"Black Friday" shopping was not my plan; I've not intentionally planned to rush into the busy stores for the after Thanksgiving sales for several years. Last year we joined the ranks of online shoppers. But last night while unsuccessful in my attempt to take one more step into modern technology, the friendly phone saleslady advised I go into the store and save over $200 for each phone.

     One daughter needed a bit of Mommy time, so we spent the day together. She patiently waited with me almost 3 hours for each step of upgrading phones to be completed. I'm thankful for her company as together we got her Dad just what he wanted. I'm also thankful she took the time to write the names and numbers from my cell phone a few months ago, as most were lost today with the changeover. (And thankful, too we found that notebook later tonight.)

     The first call on our new phone was a sad one. Details of a loved one's funeral, harsh reminder of endings. Still thankful (though again tearful) for the last special day we shared with her, sharing sweet memories of her childhood 80+ years ago.

     My daughter texted friends on the way home, those with numbers we could recall. I'm thankful she was able to simply demonstrate each step to me after she figured it out.

     Home again, my husband and other two kiddos were still gone hunting. We tried a new recipe together, success! Early birthday celebration when he returned home, delicious cake still warm from the oven, new phones, sibling hugs after fusses, learning from my kids in multiple ways, early to bed...unending thanks.

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  1. We are thinking of bringing in our youngest son into the phone plan. It is only 9 dollars a month more - no smart phones- We don't have a Sprint Dealer around here, we'd need to go to the Valley and find one. We have a couple of extra phones that we could connect, so if it got lost or broken we wouldn't be stuck on a 2 year contract. Sigh. I just need to go to Salem and be ready to sit for a couple of hours. ;) Good Job Mom!

  2. So glad you were able to spend quality time with your daughter! I love when that happens with mine as well!

  3. Anonymous11/27/2011

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  4. Hooray! You got the new phone. :) If you ever have trouble or need to figure out how to do something on it, just ask one of your kiddos! Somehow they can always figure it out!

  5. Nothing more "favorited" than precious time with our children!


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