2011 Gratitude challenge - family time

     Do you have family traditions? We have a few things we do together every year, and some things we enjoy as a family every week. One of our weekly things is family movie night. Sometime we enjoy homemade pizza. Tonight after dinner we all had popcorn while we watched our fairy tale. We enjoy laughing together, and I like that the kids hear our views as we discuss the movies that we watch.

     Tonight, we watched Enchanted again. I'm not promoting it as ideal, but there is a lot in that cute movie that we enjoy. I like looking for things in it that remind me of every other Disney fairy tale, and usually notice another new thing each time we watch it. Tonight we noticed the music from The Little Mermaid playing in one scene. The kids hear my husband and I discuss how backwards they have twisted things as the princess rescues the prince.

     What are you thankful for this weekend?


  1. Curling up for a movie is always a favorite activity at our house! :) I like the idea of discussing it afterwards in front of the kids...

  2. We love watching movies together as a family! I like Enchanted, but I HATE the scene where the stepmother (or whatever) turns into that dragon and climbs up that building! I think that part is based on Sleeping Beauty which is a movie I don't watch either, for the same reason. LOL

    The girls went off to Wal-mart this afternoon (oh, how did I get old enough to say that my kids went to Wal-mart without me?!) Anyway, they went to buy POTC4. I can't believe that a month ago we hadn't seen any of those movies, and now we're about to watch the 4th one. LOL

  3. About traditions- we seem to be lacking here... but we do like a Friday movie night. Often it is for the kids more than anything and it is generally movies that we own.
    I would like to start more traditions as a family. The kids will be out of the house in 6 years- it'll fly and what will they pass on? I didn't have traditions growing up either. Now, I'm thinking :)

  4. We just did that with our oldest last night. Wonderful tradition.

  5. We don't watch a lot of Disney movies. Unfortunately there just seems to be too much in them that we don't approve of.


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