2010 Gratitude challenge- little moments

     Today has been filled with little moments that have made me smile. A young house guest looked at me after getting ready for church and said "Mrs. Jennifer, you don't need that makeup to look pretty." That made me smile even more than her earlier comment that she would lean down to help get utensils from the dishwasher so I wouldn't hurt my back. I'm enjoying this extra little one bringing a different perspective into our conversations.
     Watching my kiddos playing together, I appreciate the moments that they enjoy spending with each other. My oldest daughter has been working on a special treat for her sister and a friend. I enjoy the moments I spend with her sewing.

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  1. Those comments are so precious!

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  3. Precious everyday moments. And that quote feels like God's words straight to my heart. Gonna go grab my boys and a book...


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