off switch

My seven year old son made this Lego remote.

Originally he said one button was for making him be quiet. I hid the remote from him. The story changed, though. Apparently he deactivated it!


  1. I would LOVE to have a way to mute my boys. They get so loud at times.

    Neat that he built it from legos for you.

    Laura O in AK

  2. I love legos, so much! They have all sorts of hidden benefits that my boys have no idea about! They have to think, they have to follow instructions, and they have to use fine motor skills. It's especially neat when they make up their own creations, isn't it?

    I love the remote. If he figures out how to make a real "mute" please send the directions to me!

  3. He enjoys Legos so much. You are right, Catherine, about the extra benefits. Now if I could just manage that real mute button I'd patent it.

  4. I LOVE it, my middle son would love it too-he LOVES legos. I love to see what he is going to create each day. This is clever.


  5. So cute. My son made a video of the stuff he made out of legos. I should put it up on my blog. I t was so funny, He turned it into a commercial.

  6. That sounds cute. Let me know if you do post it and I'll show Joseph.

  7. Oh, I need my daughter to make one of those for her...lol. Oh, and I participate in a lego link up with Lego Quest. She took a break for the summer but starting on the first Monday of this mo, she will be doing a once a month link up. You can find her link off my lego thread. http://ourhomeschoolreviews.blogspot.com/search/label/Lego


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