i want a blessing

     The second day of the Women of Faith conference, just getting to the arena was a challenge. We planned to take the shuttle, but learned they didn't run on Saturday until 5. Strike one. "Is anyone else walking?" I asked into the lobby filled with ladies. No. Strike two. Everyone was waiting on the valets. Two drivers to bring all the cars to everyone checking out at once. Another blogger offered to let us ride with her, if we could squeeze in. She was at the end of the line, but I was appreciative. We walked the day before, but Mitch had recommended we only walk in a group. Then another lady offered. She said her group from Nashville chartered a bus, and they could easily fit two more.

     We all went around the corner of the building to wait together- me, my 13 year old daughter, and a big group of ladies with matching flowers on their white shirts. Right as their bus was slowing down in front of us, a lady walked up, making huge movements with her arms, and started asking us for a blessing. Not money, not a handout, but repeatedly "I want a blessing." "Can't anyone give me a blessing? None of the shelters will let me stay. I'm pregnant. I want a blessing." No one stepped forward; a few started loading the bus. "I want a blessing." Her voice got more intense. I waited for one of the other ladies to do something. Me, God? I'm supposed to do something? I stepped forward, and I held my purse out but Heather didn't read my mind and take it from me, so with one hand sticking out awkwardly holding my pink purse I stepped up to the homeless lady. I looked at her and offered to pray, wrapped my other arm around her and prayed for God to bless her and that little one yet to be born. When I took a step back, the lady who had first invited us to join their group ushered me onto the bus. But the homeless Mamma to be stayed there. Lunch was provided at the conference, but Heather had brought a little pack of cheese and crackers. She agreed to share it and passed it up to the front of the bus for someone to pass out the door to Mamma blessing while the lady in the aisle across from us mouthed to another lady near the door "get on the bus now!" But then everyone started passing food forward and a bag was passed out the door to Mamma blessing. She smiled as the bus drove off, waved so big, and then I never saw her again. I hoped to the next morning, as we were packing up and had fruit and juice left in our fridge. I wanted to find out her name, tell her more about God, give her some more food. Sometime we only have one chance to share God's blessings.

Continuing  to count unending blessings through #1267
little kindnesses of others
driver picking us up the first night of the conference
a soft pillow to lay my head on every night
my husband's protection
a weekend full of ladies sharing about God working through imperfect lives
worship music
praise music
dancing music
sheet music ordered for my kiddos
electricity out causing just the break we needed in our school day for an unplanned visit to my Grandparent's house
Granny's cooking
the weekend away
my husband driving
safe travels
my son's smile at an unexpected gift just for him
meals out
cool breeze
cats that take care of any mice here (as opposed to rats we watched in front of us our first night walking by "Underground Atlanta")
good books to read
Scriptures shared
more memories made
finding just the right dress for my second daughter
home in which to raise my children, safely



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am moved to tears and I pray that God will bless you for being faithful to Him. What you do for the least of these you do unto Me...you will be honored for your act of kindness.

  2. Kristy, I was crying then and still do when I think of her. It could so easily be someone I love in that situation. I keep thinking of Lisa's message the night before- what if we all reached out?

  3. I think it is so interesting that she asked for a blessing and not food, money, etc. I think often we ask God for certain things and if we just asked for a blessing, what He might give us instead would be so much better than what we thought we needed. I'm so glad you were able to be a blessing to her that day!

    Do you mind if I link and write about this on my blog?

  4. Her words, Jennifer, touched me. Don't we all want a blessing? It was like a living talking picture of one of the messages at the conference. The bus driver commented as food was being handed out the door "share food, but I wouldn't share money." There is almost a wall built up limiting just what we can share and what is outside the norms of socially acceptable. You are welcome to write about this.

  5. Blessing--it's what we all live for. It's true what you said about there being one chance sometimes. I'm usually slow and miss those chances. Thank you for this post!

  6. Christina, I know I have missed a lot of chances.


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