a glimpse into one day

     Usually one to wake up early, Thursday was an exception to the norm. The sound of a hammer awakened me. My sweet hubby was hanging the artwork from our first day of school on our bedroom wall. On a typical morning I wake up before the rest of the family, obviously not that day. Thankfully we did a bit of baking Tuesday so we all had a simple breakfast- a choice of muffins or cinnamon raisin bread. I handed Mitch his as he went out the door to work.

     My day is better all around if I start it off by reading my Bible. On Jan. 3rd this year I started the B90 challenge. Thursday morning, I finished! 220 days instead of 90, but it is done. I'm considering reading it chronologically now.

     After enjoying their breakfast on the porch and Em checking that the rabbits' water bottles were full, the kids came back inside. First on the school agenda was reading together. A friend shared a copy of Max Anderson's The Legend of the White Wolf. We snuggled together on the couch, me with a second mug of coffee, the kids all enjoyed hot cocoa. As I read the first four chapters out loud, the girls worked on their smocking projects and Joseph drew and colored. The description of the Indian headdress reminded me of the Indian princess I recently learned was a distant ancestor.  I finally said no to requests for "one more chapter."

     We gathered around the dining room table for our main lessons. The children took turns practicing their instruments and I guided their individual studies. To set the mood, don't imagine quiet. I usually play an energetic CD soon after I get out of bed. The morning choice was Francesca Battistelli My Paper Heart. During the children's lessons, when they are not taking turns with their instruments, I play something softer such as Suzuki Violin School Volume2.

     During our lunch of soup (and sandwich for Joseph,) I was again reminded that I need to further address manners with my 7 year old.  Reading about The Goops together was obviously not enough. We do need to share more family meals around the table and less around the TV. Lately papers, books, and notebooks have filled the table even after lessons are done- another thing for me to work on.

     After lunch, Joseph continued his math worksheet while I guided the girls through their history writing lesson. I'm thankful there are no IEW police to check my writing for banned words the way I check my girls' work. I learn with them, constantly.

     Earlier this week Joseph and I worked through a set of subtraction flash cards. I saved the pile of all of the ones that he missed the first time. I used those for a fun visual math activity using marshmallows and goldfish crackers.  Giggles erupted from the girls a few times while they completed their work. They enjoyed a snack of goldfish and marshmallows when they were done.

     Also on CD is the CC core 3 memory work for each week. Earlier this week they viewed the slides for our new set of information. Thursday they listened to the songs and chants and joined in with the parts they know. The plan for Friday included  them making a set of cards to add to their individual rings- purposeful copywork.

     Our lessons ended around 3:30. The kids and I rode our bikes across the pond bank to my Grandparent's house for a visit. After that, the plan was for them to swim, but while they were cleaning the leaves out of the pool the wind started blowing them in even faster. While the thunder rolled, the kids are folded clothes and watched TV. After dinner I read a bit more from our new book.


  1. Wonderful. Thanks for a glimpse into your day.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day together! My daughter's favorite snack used to be Goldfish & marshmallows..."in the same bowl, tiny marshmallows, please"

  3. Thanks, Dawn

    Tracy, math was on my mind when I saw the goldfish. I've already bought another bag of marshmallows and saved the rest of the goldfish just for math because it worked so well. We will be repeating that tomorrow.

  4. Loved your day! I pinned the Pretend it's in the lesson plan!

  5. I think the blogger who shared it on facebook found it on pinterest :)

  6. Anonymous8/24/2011

    Thanks for sharing your day. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe your kids still have the option of swimming! It'sa -40 with the windchill here today - brrrrrrrrrr!!! So glad I'm not the only one who seizes a chance to sleep in! :). Have a blessed day!


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