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     Maybe it is the pictures that grab me. Maybe it is just that I like to cook anyway, but I have been enjoying trying new recipes that I find online. The main source of my latest recipe trials has been pininterest. Several friends on the Homeschool Review Crew mentioned it, so I checked it out and am now hooked. When a website interested me in the past enough to return to it later, I saved the URL (I just learned that was pronounced Earl) into a notepad or Word document. Sometime I searched through those documents and found the sites again. Now, with pininterest, as long as there is a picture to "pin" it is easy to save.

    I have a whole section there (they label them boards) with recipes that I want to try. I need to start a new section called recipes worth repeating for the ones I have tried that the family enjoyed.

     Dough is rising now for Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. Its like cinnamon rolls but square, in a loaf. This is the second recipe I have tried that required mixing together dry ingredients including yeast, then stirring heated milk into it. The first one flopped. I hope this one works; it already smells so good.

     Have you tried any new recipes lately? Come back and share them Tuesday on my Tasty Tuesday link-up.

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  1. I'm loving Pinterest, too -- and have actually tried several things I've found there. We really enjoyed the Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake...now I've got to find your pin on the Pull Apart Cinnamon Rolls. YUMMY!


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