Occupational Therapy

     April is Occupational Therapy month. To share with you about OT, several Occupational Therapists will be guest bloggers this month.

     As an OT, one thing I ask my patients is what activity they want to do but are having trouble completing. I try to help them come up with different ways to achieve the desired end result. If you want to know more about OT, The American Occupational Therapy Association's Web Site has a wealth of information. The slogan this year is "Living Life to its Fullest."



  1. my daughter is doing OT post surgery right now. they did ask about what she wanted to do and couldn't. thank you for explaining that!! they sure have lots of patience!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Happy OT Month!!!

  3. How did I NOT know that April is OT month?!

    I'm not sure if you'd be interested but I blog about my son's journey with catastrophic epilepsy. He was dx with Infantile Spasms at 7 months...had a Left Hemispherectomy at 2 1/2. All of which I totally blame for being up two jeans sizes and even deepening crows feet around my eyes! Anyway...if you'd be interested I'd love to have your guest post at my place?

    Oh...and I actually found you while homeschool blog hopping. Because I happen to homeschool one of my kiddos for now too...



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