so long...

     Yes, this may be a long post. Keep reading, I know that isn't normal for me. This will be my first week since the meme started to miss out on The Homeschool Mother's Journal, so I'll summarize the highlights now. We have had a lighter than usual week of school, as local schools are out this week and we somewhat stick to their schedule. The girls started back with piano lessons Tuesday! My Mom called from my Grandparent's letting us know they were on their way to listen to Joseph play the piano. We did the fastest pick-up and hide clutter cleaning and started boiling water for tea. Everything came together beautifully.

     My dear friend and new (anonymous?) blogger inspired me Wednesday evening. The kids joined me for day one of C25K! We walked to my parents, hoping Mamma would join for the run/walk around her porch as she has in the past. They weren't home, so we went over and around their pond, through the woods, down trails and yes, it felt like soooo loooong of a workout. While Joseph declared "my stomach hurts" Emily reprimanded "that's not running" as she zoomed past us. I realized when I got home that the total time was supposed to be 20 minutes, and we took about 30 though admittedly slower jogging than others may start with.

     So long, farewell...for the rest of the week we are going to "the camp." (My sis and I have discussed that it would sound a lot different if we just called it "the lake house!") I am planning a few things differently for this trip. There is no internet there. Usually we take a lot of books and I plan a special craft for the kids. I have a few new little projects set aside for them, but the only books I plan to take are my Bible and journals. I am quite a bit behind on the B90 challenge and want to finish on time. When I get back you will see your comments show up, so go ahead and comment but please understand the delay.


  1. So glad you joined To-the-TOP Tuesdays, even if you were late. LOL! Enjoy camp! :)

  2. The time at the "lake house" sounds like a lot of relaxation. Let me know a bit more about this fun trip.

    1. Ha! It is been far too long since we have been there. Right now that big fireplace would be so cozy.


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