one short weekend away

     I was reminded that...
* My husband is my hero! We found a broken water pump and an exploded hot water tank when we arrived at the camp. I'll leave the mess to your imagination.
* Caffeine and sugar do make my son wild.
* Big boxes make the best toys.
(new hot water tank box)
* Food prepared and cleaned up afterward by someone else is a wonderful treat. (Especially when there is no running water to wash dishes!)
* "Unplugged" time is beneficial for the whole family.
* Family game time leads to wonderful memories.
* How you spend your time does reflect what you prioritize.
* Simple things can lead to a lot of joy.
* Watching the sky change colors as the sun sets over water is a beautiful display of God's creation.
* "There's no place like home." But the camp comes close!
* If I don't tell someone today that I love them and share God's love for them, I may not get another chance. Do you know God's love?

     Getting away for the weekend, even with crazy unexpected problems, was wonderful. I'm going to be "unplugging" more, and we are planning to go back next weekend!

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  1. Anonymous3/21/2011

    It does feel good to be "unplugged" every once in awhile. Glad you had a nice time away!


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